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Millions of people search daily via Google. Being able to find suitable keywords here is crucial for website visits and customers.

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SEO aus Berlin

Today in Germany and Berlin alone, millions of people search for information and offers on search engines such as Google and Bing every day – those who rank well here can look forward to many visitors and potential customers.

It is relatively easy to compare how search engines rate pages for ranking purposes: If you imagine the input in the search mask as a question, it is a question of how well a page fits as an answer. In the early days, it was therefore possible to name the word you were looking for particularly frequently. Today, this is more of a spam indicator – techniques that are supposed to detect manipulation attempts are now also part of the algorithms.

Achieve better findability with Google

In order to be found well on Google, the first step is to align the website with the search terms (research and strategy) that match the offer. In the next step, the content is designed to be as relevant as possible for these terms and the technical ascertainability for Google is ensured (onpage optimization and technical SEO). Links from other websites help to increase the relevance and significance of the pages (Offpage SEO). Finally, the visitor experience on the pages is optimized, since visitor signals also play an important role – and the main thing is that visitors become customers.

Examples for rankings of medium-sized customers

Many years of experience as a SEO manager

I have worked for several years in Berlin and Hamburg agencies and companies as an SEO manager and have thus put numerous companies of all kinds on top positions with Google: from small and medium-sized companies to leading global corporations. You too can benefit from my extensive knowledge in this field – even smaller companies can often achieve a lot for their niche with little effort!

Google-Optimierung aus Berlin
Optimierung für die Google-Suche
My mission

My mission: top rankings of your website on Google

Let us determine the appropriate search terms for your offer and optimize your website for it.

1. research & strategy

The basis is research and strategy: Which search terms match your offer and with which do you have good chances in the medium term?

2. Optimization of your website

After defining the search terms, we align your website to them and optimize content, design, technology and references to the highest possible relevance.

Rely on sustainable search engine optimization

  • SEO strategy according to your budget
  • sustainable optimization for long-term success
  • direct conversion to WordPress websites possible
  • Consulting with catalogues of measures for other website systems/CMS
  • Reporting of success possible on a monthly basis
  • Many years of experience as SEO manager in Berlin and Hamburg agencies and companies
  • already numerous successful SEO projects
  • References from small companies to world market leaders

Also place your website in Google search results that serve a good demand, match your offer and generate more customers!

Example: international SEO for a large online shop (support since the beginning of 2019)

You want to be found better with your website at Google?

Then let us speak to your goals!

You too can benefit from my many years of experience as an SEO manager!

Customer opinions

Your website in good hands

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